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We have a passion for health, fitness, sport and most importantly ..... Salcombe fudge!
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We have been coming to Salcombe since we were four years old - in Harry's case, since he was born. Mill Bay, Sunny and Hipple beaches are well-travelled spots for sport in our family. We have played countless touch-rugby games, water-skied around the bay, surfed from the bar (the Bar!) and lost too many tennis balls from terrible cricket 'cover drives', to the sea. We love participating in as many different sports as possible and to our (poor) mum's frustration, sport rules the beach-side holiday itinerary.


Returning to Salcombe each year we looked for a place to train-up, where the soundtrack was the song of the sea, the cry of the gull and where the view included the occasional glimpse of Emma Jane back from her labours in the deep sea and running the tide to home. We wanted an experience that wasn't expensive or all about rows and rows of Concept 2s and banks of treadmills .


So ..... Fit•Tide was born!

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George Swinburne


"The way I see it, if it's anything to do with sport, count me in!"

Qualifications & Experience

  • Qualified Sports Teacher (8 Years)

  • IRANZ (New Zealand) Qualified

  • Highly Qualified Sports Coach - Rugby, Football & Cricket (RFU Level 3 Coaching, FA Level 1, ECB Level 2).

  • Rugby (RFU Youth International).

  • RNLI Crew Member. (Chiswick LB)

  • First Responder FIrst Aid

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"Thumbs up, lets do this" 

Qualifications & Interests

  • Rugby player- Bath RFC

  • Bath RFC Academy EPDG

  • Crossfitter, Runner, Fitness enthusiast

  • Chief organiser

  • Master DJ & Motivator

  • The fun one

  • Content creator


Zander Swinburne


(Co Founder)

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​"Hi there...!"

Qualifications & Experience

  • Financial PR Director

  • Former University of Bath Rower

  • University of Bath American Football (the Bumblebees)

  • Qualified RYA Ski Boat Driver

  • Waterski instructor

  • London Marathon 2017

  • Played a stormtrooper in Star Wars.... yes, really.!

Fit•Tide brings the combination of fitness, fun and sport to our sea-scape workout. Whether you're a town guest or lucky enough to be living and working in Salcombe and the South Hams, we're sure you don't want to spend your valuable work-out time - indoors (!) -  time when you could be enjoying the stunning Devon sea-scape - even the occasional (!) blustery day.


Let us organise a new, fun, workout for you; breathe in the sea air and step away from the work-day treadmill. Do come and join us and experience why Salcombe is the magical place to run with the Fit•Tide.

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